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Here at Meiren Engineering we have a saying: “If a line doesn't have to be straight, we bend it. For every single part to do what it's meant to, everything has to be thought through to the smallest detail at the design stage. If machinery operates efficiently, it's also economical and environmentally friendly.

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Engineering Process

  • Query

Engineering Process

  • Assembling the quotation
    • Overview of the query and gathering initial data
    • Assessing the amount of the work
    • Assembling the quotation
  • Forwarding the quotation to the customer

Engineering Process

  • Customers decision to accept or reject the quotation

Engineering Process

  • Planning the work and deviding it between engineers

Engineering Process

  • Engineering/desining
  • Keeping track of the deadlines
  • Overviewing the project with customer

Engineering Process

  • Accepting the work with the customer
  • Overhanding the project documentation
Thanks to the skills and experiences of Meiren’s engineers, we were able to succsessfully finish our painting- and sandblasting line project

Martin Mehilane

E-Profiil AS

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Integrated Product Development

We, in Meiren Engineering, find, that no product is developed by the engineer alone. Instead, in addition to the engineer, also sales, marketing and production specialists sit behind the worktable. Our strenght is combining excellent technical skills with good knowhow on sales, marketing and production. This is integrated product development.